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sc-52 كابل مكبر الصوت
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Speaker Cable


The Speaker Cable is an ideal upgrade and will help in boosting your systems performance. It has Micro fine strands with offers excellent flexibility. It is ideal for running long lengths. It is 99.999% Oxygen free Copper Cable which will ensure minimal if any signal loss that will not de-grade over time. It is the next step up from the Propower 105 strand speaker cable I sell. Ideal for Home Cinema, Car Stereo Systems, or as an upgrade for your Hi-Fi System. Blue writing can be seen on one core which helps to indicate polarity.


The speaker cable have the following specification:

10 AWG 5.26MM2    OD:5.5*11.0MM

12 AWG 3.31MM2    OD:4.5*9.0MM

14 AWG 2.08MM2    OD: 3.5*7.0MM

16 AWG 1.31MM2    OD: 3.0*6.0MM

18 AWG 0.823MM2   OD: 2.5*5.0MM

20 AWG 0.519MM2   OD: 2.2*4.4MM

22 AWG 0.324MM2   OD: 2.0*4.0MM

24 AWG 0.205MM2   OD: 1.8*3.6MM

          0.5MM2          OD:2.4*4.8MM

          0.75MM2        OD:2.5*5.0MM

          1.0MM2          OD :2.8*5.6MM

          1.5MM2          OD:3.2*6.4MM

          2.0MM2          OD:3.8*7.6MM

          2.5MM2          OD:4.2*8.4MM

          4.0MM2          OD:5.0*10.0MM

          6.0MM2          OD;5.5*11.0MM


1) Structure
           a) Conductor:
                             i) Single-conductor stranded O.F.C. bare copper wire (BC) 2x0.75mm2
                             ii) Single-conductor stranded tinned copper stranded wire (TC)
           b) Insulation: various specifications of transparent PVC are available
2) Standard: Q/AXD-R-004 2002.













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